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Dave Crossland:  New CD, John Stewart, Lindsey Buckingham, Davy Jones, Kerrville Folk Fest, MA, NY, PA, MD, CA, TX...

Greetings my good, wonderful, beautiful friends,

Very cool stuff to tell you, including arrival of the new CD and that my only gig in the Boston area for a while is coming up this Friday with Jim's Big Ego at the Me and Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead, Mass.  Plenty more gigs listed at the end of this email, but Marblehead should be a great show, so come on out.  (I even did my very first blog interview with them, check it out at http://meandthee.org/blog/txp)

So.  You ready?...

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Set That Wasn't

It is here, it rocks, and you are going to love it.  The live studio recording of my band playing the set we didn't play last year at the Kerrville Folk Festival, thanks to the rain.  Be the first on your block to get one, then brag to all your friends~

And here's where to get it -->  http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=cds&display=319

Kerrville Folk Festival, Part Deux

Of course, there's only one thing better than listening to a recording of the set that wasn't, and that's being there in person to take in the set that damn sure is gonna be.  I've been invited to play Kerrville again this year, and will be taking the mainstage with me band-mates on Saturday, May 24, right before the headliner, Jimmy LaFave.  And this time, nothing's going to stop us...

John Stewart: Hero, Mentor and Friend

As many of you all know, I hit the road in January for a three-week tour around America's West and Midwest.  Overall, it was a great tour.  I played Sundance again, saw a lot of friends, old and new, and came back with a bunch of stories.  But two days into it, I got a call and learned that my friend and greatest musical hero had suffered a stroke in California.  It wasn't the kind of thing that a person survives, and the next morning, my phone rang again.

The papers and the music rags describe him as a member of the Kingston Trio and author of "Daydream Believer" by the Monkees, who had a top-10 hit in the '70s with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.  But Johnny Stew was much more than that, he was an iconic American artist who has touched people all over the globe.  He was also a hero of mine who, at a very tumultuous time in my life, took me under his wing and reminded me how to dream.  I've posted a little blog about him on the website.  If you're curious, it's at http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=notes&display=336.  But suffice it to say that John was a great friend and teacher.  We played, recorded, and toured together, and I can't believe he's gone.  Godspeed, Johnny Dreams, you will be missed for a long, long time.

The Music Lives

In the wake of John's passing, there are some memorial concerts planned, featuring The John Stewart Band, of which yours truly is a member.

April 12 at the Towne Crier in Pawling, NY

Featuring Roseanne Cash, The Kennedys, The John Stewart Band, and others.

May 3 at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA

Featuring Lindsey Buckingham, Davy Jones (yes, THAT Davy Jones), Roseanne Cash, The JS Band, and maybe more...

And if anyone wants to see any of the pictures from the rather impromptu tribute/memorial concert in Scottsdale, Arizona, in January, I've uploaded them to my website.  Here's the link -->   http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=imgallery&category=John_Stewart_Tribute_in_Scottsdale

Thank you everyone for your great support.  Can't wait for summer, and to see you all again.

Truly as the sun, truly as the rain,


And Now, The Giggage:

Thurs, April 3

1:00 pm


WUMB 91.9 FM Radio

I'll be doing a live interview, so if you live outside of the area, remember that it's Eastern Daylight Time and you can listen over the web at http://www.wumb.org

Fri, April 4

8:30 pm


Me & Thee Coffeehouse

28 Mugford Street



I'm doing two, TWO split bills with Jim's Big Ego this month, and this is the first.  For any of you who might not be aware, Jim Infantino, the Ego behind the band, is my long-time friend who produced the Pearl album.  Not only that, he's a great songwriter and his band just rocks.  Besides, the me & thee has got a cool history.  They started up in the '70s, when acoustic music was on life support in the ICU, and were at the vanguard of what is now a thriving "coffeehouse" movement of community-based venues all over New England and the rest of the country.  How cool is that?

Sat, April 12

9:00 pm


The Towne Crier

130 Route 22



Roseanne Cash, The Kennedys, Buffy Stewart, the John Stewart Band and Yours Truly.  If it's not sold out already, it will be soon, and this will be an incredibly moving night of music.  Guaranteed.

Thurs, April 17

8:30 pm


The Tin Angel

20 S. 2nd Street



Did I say TWO split bills with Jim's Big Ego?  And the Tin Angel is among the hippest joints on the East Coast.  Good people, if you're not there already, you should start packing for Philly now.

Sat, April 19

8:00 pm


Sally Johnson Presents

435 West 9th St.


For more information, contact Sally at folksally@comcast.net

California, I love you and I'm sorry it's been so long.  Can't wait to kiss your shaky ground.  My good friend Sally Johnson is putting this on.  Sally is one o' my favorite peeps and you should come to the show just to hang with her.

Fri, April 25



Cold Spring Tavern

5995 Stagecoach Road



split bill with Gates & Goodall

Never been here before, but this place is in an old log cabin where the stagecoaches stopped back in the '60s.  Apparently, they needed a few for the road before attempting the San Marcos Pass and getting looted by highwaymen.  Should be a very cool place to make some music.  (That was 1860s, by the way...)

Sat, May 3

8:00 pm


Smothers Theatre w/ Lindsey Buckingham, Roseanne Cash, Davy Jones & John Stewart Band

Pepperdine University, 24255 Pacific Coast Highway


What to say about this one.  If anyone wants a once-in-a-lifetime experience on May 3...

Fri-Sun, May 9-11


Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival

2564 Silver Road


This a great weekend festival of acoustic music on the banks of the Susquehanna River.  Many of my songwriter friends will also be performing, so I'm looking forward to seeing them, too.  And who knows, I might even write another song right then and there with Tom Prasada-Rao.  It's happened before...

Sat, May 24


Kerrville Folk Festival

Quiet Valley Ranch, 600 Medina Hwy


It'll be a great weekend with Jimmy LaFave, Eliza Gilkyson, The Lost Gonzo Band and more.  Bringing the band down from Boston.  Again.  Mother nature, beware...


Dave Crossland [http://davecrossland.com]


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