Dave Crossland

3/1/07 - Sundance & Memphis Murphy's

Hello good people of this amazing world,

Please forgive me, for it has been a while since my last missive to you all.

Sundance was awesome.  Mary Pittari (my wonderful manager) had set me (and Amy Speace and Eric Schwartz) up with a whole mess o' gigs and I played my tuchus off.  Hardly had time to see a film, but we met all kinds of great people, not just indie director and music supervisor types, but also a lot of folks from the greater SLC music scene.  If things go well, we may even have some interesting developments to share with you further down the road....

Also, I just got back from the Folk Alliance music conference in Memphis.  Had a brief bout with Murphy's Law, as Northwest Airlines bashed my guitar that was gate-checked in a hard case.  Also, the Marriot did a rather exceptional job of losing my bag with all my gear in it --harmonicas, tuners, pedals, cables, and my cool new iPod that my brothers gave me for Christmas.  But would I let this keep me down?  Not a chance.  A big thanks to Amy Speace for the loan of her Taylor, and her band, and...well, her; a big thanks to Taylor Guitars for the loaner and the awesome meal at Cafe 61; and...  Well...okay I'll spare you the visuals, but harmonicas:  An intrepid thank you to John Wort Hannam.  You sir, are a brave, brave man....

Anyway, despite the bout o' murphy's, I had a great time and loved (nearly) every minute of it.

Oh yeah, and I am now free to tell you.  Yours truly will be playing mainstage at the Kerrville Folk Festival on June 3.  Right before the headliner, baby.  (I'm going to have a band and this world will never be the same.)

That's it for now, love y'all,