Dave Crossland

6/15/07 - "We Came, We Saw, We Sound-checked"

In case any of you missed our appearance at the Kerrville Folk Festival a couple weekends ago, well, so did we.  It's a tragic tale, but yours truly flew down to Texas with an awesome band from Boston and became one of only two acts in an 18-day span that got completely rained out.  Hard to believe, but true.  --Everything had gone perfectly, everybody's flights arrived on time, the weather was beautiful, and all the other acts were really late for sound check, so we got to rehearse our entire set on the mainstage in beautiful sunshine --and it was sounding sooooo gooooooood....  Then came the wind, the dust, then rain with thunder and lightning and they had to shut down the stage just before we were to go on.

But hey, something really awesome that doesn't happen is very different from something really horrible that does happen, so it's a lesson in perspective, and we hope to be back there soon.  So stay tuned....

Crazy Love and Music Everywhere,