Dave Crossland


Starring in "A Hammer, A Bell, And A Song To Sing" at the San Diego Repertory Theatre

Starring in A Hammer A Bell And A Song To Sing at the San Diego Repertory Theatre
It seems I'm starring in a multi-media theatre production at the San Diego Repertory Theatre this month! Last November, I walked into my first-ever theatrical audition and booked my first-ever theatre gig to play Pete Seeger circa 1950-1960. Next thing I know, they put me up in a studio apartment, start handing me checks, and my life is taken over by an insane rehearsal schedule.

But then, about a week or two into rehearsal, we get notice from the Seeger family that Pete has changed his mind and no longer feels comfortable with the idea of having his life portrayed on stage. So instead of going dark in January and laying off a small army of people who had been constructing an amazing set, designing lighting, etc, the SD Rep asks the director and the cast if we'd be interested in putting together an entirely new production and staging it in three weeks.

No pressure or anything...

Naturally, I hit the bar with the cast and by the end of the night, we came to a unanimous "yes".

The result is this really cool multi-media celebration of the role of music in times of social change, running now through Sun, Jan 29th on the Lyceum Stage in San Diego. We do more than 25 songs from various periods in American History, and it's actually really moving. As of now, we've had an invitation-only dress rehearsal, 4 previews, and 3 official shows - and every performance has ended with people on their feet, cheering, singing, waving cell phones and everything!

There are only three of us in the cast, Vaughn Armstrong, Jim Mooney, and myself, and we share the writing credits with Director Todd Salovey. Vaughn, by the way, has a bit of notoriety in the Sci-Fi world, for any of you Trekkies out there - he holds the record for the greatest number of different characters played by one person in the entire Star Trek franchise. I've never worked with a Klingon before --or Romulan, or Borg, or an Admiral Forrest-- so you can imagine how all of this is affecting my world view.

Anyway, I'm having a blast in San Diego, and for anyone who's interested in coming to the show (or sending someone in your staid), I'm pasting links below along with a performance schedule. Hope to see you in Sunny Southern Cal!