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Greetings all you kind, beautiful, wonderful people,

Got some gigs to tell you about, and some other things, but first....

Hello Ann Arbor!

People, it has been years since I played the Ark, my love, my home, the place that gave me my first real gig, the Ark.  And now, I am pleased to announce that I am coming back.  This Saturday, I'll be appearing at the Ark as an opener for Maura O'Connell.  It should be a fantastic show and I am wholeheartedly pumped to be gigging again at my old home place.  Ann Arbor, I love you, I learned so much from you, and I can't wait to see you.  So...

Sat, May 20  -  Ann Arbor, MI


316 S. Main St



Opening for Maura O'Connell

Thurs, May 25  -  Somerville, MA


17 Holland St., Davis Square



Opening Mark Erelli's CD Release

Sat, May 27  -  Cambridge, MA


47 Palmer St.



In the round as part of the Cutting Edge Festival

As for everything else, May in Boston has been a world of rain, but I am psyched to be visiting so many great venues these few weeks.  Swallow Hill, the Ark, Passim --too much fun.

The trip to Colorado was a blast.  Thanks to everyone I met out there, Rhonda & Swallow Hill for making me feel right at home, Cliff Eberhardt for inviting me to open his gig the following night, and Jon & Lu of the Front Porch for letting a complete stranger walk in at a moment's notice and lay a couple tunes down for the paying public.  --There were videos made of the Front Porch gig that might be up on iTunes pretty soon.  --Not available just yet, but will let you all know in the next newsletter.

I've got to run, so that's it for now.  We truly will have a radio request page on the website before too long.  Also, my manager, Mary "Everybody Loves Mary" Pittari, is starting to organize people who want to help with setting up gigs and promotion in various parts of the country.  If you would like to be a part of what is becoming the "Street Team," do get in touch with her at mailto:mary@davecrossland.com

Thanks to all and have a good lovin' spring.


Management:  Mary "Everybody Loves Mary" Pittari  --  mailto:mary@davecrossland.com

Publicity:  Dawn Kamerling, The Press House, http://www.thepresshouse.com  --  mailto:dawn@thepresshouse.com

Radio Promotion:  Biff Kennedy, The Charterhouse Music Group, http://www.biffco.com  --  mailto:info@biffco.com

CDs & mp3s available at http://www.davecrossland.com/index.php?page=cds

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