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Dave Crossland: Kenny Loggins, CD Anniversary & Mid-Atlantic Gigs

Hey Wonderful World,

Only got a minute right now so just some quick things....

First off, I had a very sweet gig the other week, opening for Kenny Loggins in a 1200-seat, sold-out house in Morristown, New Jersey.  It was awesome, the crowd was wonderful, I felt showered over with goodness, and can't wait to get back to the Garden State (more on that in a minute).  All this took place on March 23 --one year to the day after the CD release concert for "Pearl."  Not only was it a fantastic way to celebrate all that has happened in the last year, but I can now say I have reached a completely new level of songwriter stardom --for as many of you know, Kenny is the man behind "Footloose," and now that we've gigged together, I am officially only one degree from Kevin Bacon.

So that and all kinds of other good stuff is going on, but let me skip straight to the gigs--

Thurs, 4/5



Writer's Hang at The Goldhawk

936 Park Ave.



with Scott E. Moore and Sally Spring

Scott E. Moore has created one of the hippest little concert series in New York / New Jersey with The Writer's Hang.  In fact, it was featured recently on a Sundance documentary called "Keeping Time: New Music from America's Roots".  Here's a clip from the film --  http://www.wingtip.net/whang.html.  This is going to be a very cool gig and I'm psyched to be sharing the stage with Scott and Sally.  Plus, we've already heard from a number of friends and musicians in the NY/NJ area who will be coming, so this is gonna be fun...

Sat, 4/21



Steel City Coffeehouse

203 Bridge Street



doors at 7:00pm


opening for Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root

Started talking to the Steel City folks after the opener I did for Susan Werner last fall at the Outpost in the Burbs.  If you check out their website, you'll see that they also bring in some primo talent.  --And I'm very eager to hear what Mr. Glabicki has been up to since the Root...

Thurs, 4/26



Baldwin's Station

7618 Main Street




split bill with Michael Smith

Coming back to Maryland, the land of my high-school years, and of the finest state flags in the union (as again I'm sure many of you are aware, half of Maryland's state flag is comprised of the Crossland coat of arms.  Maryland, I am of course honored and humbled....)  Anyway, I'll be splitting the evening with Michael Smith, an absolutely legendary songwriter.  I first heard Michael's songs when I was a college student and have held him as one of my personal heroes ever since.  Can't wait to meet him.  This should be a very special night.

Anyway, that's it.  Can't wait to see you all again and thanks for everything~

Love, peace and music always,


Dave Crossland [http://davecrossland.com]
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